Thursday, December 20, 2012

Can I just get an annulment instead of going through an uncontested divorce?

Annulment vs. Uncontested Divorce

A young couple came into +The Linnenbringer Law Firm a few weeks back inquiring about having their marriage annulled.  Many people seem to gravitate towards an annulment when their marriage is extremely short.  They view having the marriage declared void as "better" than being divorced.  In this case, the couple had been married 5 days.

Unfortunately for this couple (and almost every other couple that I've come across asking for an annulment), they did not meet the "requirements" for an annulment in Missouri.  In order to have your marriage annulled, you'll need to prove that a specific factor was present at the time of the marriage that made the marriage void or voidable.  Those factors include things like (for now) same-sex marriages, bigamous marriages, a marriage to someone who lacks the mental capacity to enter into a marriage, and a few others.  Bottom line, very few marriages will meet the requirements of an annulment.

The answer to this problem, of course, is to simply get an uncontested divorce.  In Missouri an uncontested divorce (otherwise known as non-contested divorce) can be done affordably, quickly, and easily - more so than an annulment case, in my experience.

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Gerald W. Linnenbringer, Missouri Uncontested Divorce Attorney

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