Monday, December 8, 2014

Cheap Missouri divorce? How much does an uncontested divorce cost in Missouri?

Cheap Missouri Divorce?

Cheap Missouri Divorce by Gerald Linnenbringer

For anyone who has suffered through a "traditional" divorce case, the term "cheap Missouri divorce" may seem like a misnomer.  But, I'm here to tell you, your divorce can be completed at a relatively inexpensive rate if you and your spouse can come to an agreement on all aspects of your case.

So, first, how inexpensive is "inexpensive"?  I charge flat fees for my uncontested divorce cases.  That flat fee varies, case-to-case, of course, but generally falls in the ballpark of $700 to $1,000.  The factors that go into determining the exact price include the volume of property being addressed in the settlement agreement and whether or not the parties have children.

I provide my clients with their final price quote after I've had a discussion with them in regards to these factors.  Since uncontested divorce representation involves very little legal advice (ie, I'm not advising the client how to "win" his or her case), what I'm really trying to determine is how long it will take me to draft their paperwork.  The longer I anticipate the drafting will take, the higher the fee.  It's not much different than traditional attorney billing in that sense, except the flat fee is not a retainer and the client does not pay a single dollar over what they are quoted.

Besides attorney fees, what other fees will your uncontested divorce consist of?  You'll have a filing fee, of course, which will be paid directly to the court when the case is filed.  The filing fee is generally in the $150 ballpark, but varies court-to-court.  If you have children, you may also be required to attend a parenting class, where you'll learn how to recognize if your child is having issues dealing with the divorce, among other things.  That class is usually in the $50-100 range but, again, varies depending on what county court your case is filed in.

Take a look at my website at for more uncontested divorce pricing details, as well as a good deal of other information pertaining to divorce in Missouri.

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